Thank you for partnering with us. We are so grateful to those who continue to support us with financial and material gifts. Thank you.

We have a drop box on the front porch where you can leave items to be donated if you come by and we are closed.

The link below will take you to our secure donation site.

Gifts in Honor of

  • Liz Collins by Larry and Gleneeda Hoy
  • Lois Lane – by her daughter, Jamie George
  • The Robert Walsh family – by E Jane Oberschmidt
  • Daughter – Naomi’s birthday on July 7 – by J Kinner
  • Patricia Eshleman’s Birthday – by Robert and Patricia Eshleman and Terry and Barbara Willis
  • Wanda Byrne – one of our dear sweet volunteers, for her July 10 birthday; by her daughter, Amy Wynn

Gifts to Honor the Memory of Robert Walsh:
Knights of Columbus Council 3698 in Eaton
John and Sheila Reiner
Wilderness Outreach
Kathy and Richard Kutter
William Schmitz
Patrick Walsh
Gregory Oberschmidt
Tami Jasper
Linda Pratt
Martha Walsh
Shirley Lorenz
Brenda Gant
Something Good/Celeste Caplinger
Knights of Columbus
Stephen and Donna Pfister
Scott and Mary Blonigen
Janet Hart
Ronald and Marian Roell
E Jane Oberschmidt
Thomas Pierce
Richard and Gloria Fair
Carolyn Studebaker

Gifts to Honor the Memory of

  • Baby Myers by Carolyn Studebaker
  • Margaret Healy by Shirley Lorenz, John Shipley, and David and Ann Ried
  • Brantley Isaiah Hammer by the Wednesday Women’s Bible Study at ECC
  • Trish Eshleman by Shirley Mitchell
  • Trish Eshleman by Lyla Valimont
  • Dorothy Mallery by Dan and Mary Weadick
  • Mary Marker, by Carol Varney
  • Richard D. Marx, Sr. by his daughter, Mary Marx
  • Mary Marker by her daughter, Carol Varney
  • Mary Maureen Glacken (Marx) and her brother Richard D. Marx Sr.
  • Ruth Helen Fliehman, by Calvin and Kimberly Warner; Karen and George Terlinden; Randy and Debbie Petitt; Thomas and Mary Jane Pierce; and Lowell and Sandra Munchel
  • her mother, Betty Method, by Patty Renner
  • Cathy Campbell by Dale and Shirley Wright
  • Donna, whose birthday is January 28 by Karen Schaeff
  • her mother, whose birthday is February 22 by Linda Stevens
  • Bessie Lilly, whose birthday is September 23 by Phyllis Marling
  • Marilyn Thomas whose birthday is December 15 by Linda Craeger